About Jeanine


How it started

Jeanine Grasmeijer (1993) was born in Emmen, the Netherlands and moved to Hengelo Gld. when she was 7 years old. In both places she joined the swim club to practice her love for swimming and being in the water. After finishing high school at age 18 she left home to go backpacking in Thailand, where after months of travelling she came across a specialized freediving school in Ko Tao. Natural relaxation and a big lung capacity made her an unusual talent in freediving. Within 2 months of training Jeanine could hold her breath for over 7 minutes, a skill that was thought to be exclusive to the top 10 freediving women of the world. In the summer of 2012, hardly 6 months after she started freediving, she entered her first competition and broke two Dutch freediving records: Free Immersion with -67 meters and Static with 6 minutes and 31 seconds.

First world record

Pursuing her new found passion, Jeanine continued training depth in the summer of 2013 for the AIDA Individual Depth World Championships in Greece. It was in Greece where she put herself on the map by breaking a world record: Diving to -90 meters in the discipline called Free Immersion, by pulling herself down on the dive line, She came up after 4 minutes and 17 seconds as the youngest female world record holder (20 years) in the history of freediving. During the World Championships ’13 Jeanine also set new Dutch records in the other 2 depth disciplines: No Fins (-60 m) and Constant Weight (-80 m). 

After the WC she went home to finish her bachelor in medicine, which she had started one year earlier, as the youngest woman in the world to break a world record and holding national records in all 6 freediving disciplines.

Highs and lows

Over 2014 Jeanine continued to do small pool competitions, earning several medals and improving her own national records. In the summer of 2015 she returned to the depths and fulfilled her dream of becoming the World Champion in Free immersion with a dive to -82 meters One month later she also the female winner of the Big Blue World Cup in la Paz, Mexico, with good overall performances in all 3 depth disciplines.

After Mexico Jeanine returned home with her mind set on the Vertical Blue ’16, a prestigious freediving competition held in spring in Dean’s Blue Hole, Bahamas. After months of hard work she had to cancel her participation last-minute due to health issues and her spirit was momentarily broken.

92 meters

She managed to pick herself up and started training depth again in Lanzarote, Spain, without too many expectations. At the end of the summer however she reached again depths near -90 meters and she decided to go for a new World record Free Immersion of -92 meters. In which she succeeded on September 6th during the Deep Sea Challenge in Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean.

Jeanine is currently based in Maastricht, where she will continue her studies shortly.

Photo by Natalee Watts (2) whaleshark Photo by Alexey Potapenko

Freediving records

Free Immersion 92 m (Video) –  World record

Constant Weight 80 m 

Constant Weight No Fins 60 m ‐ Dutch national record

Dynamic 178 m ‐ Dutch national record

Dynamic No Fins 130 m (Video

Static 6 minutes 31 seconds ‐ Dutch national record

Competion history

2015, Big Blue (2015-11-01), La Paz, Mexico

Overall medalgold Free Immersion -81 m medalgold No Fins -55 m medalgold Constant Weight -80 m medalbronze

2015, AIDA Depth World Championships (2015-09-11), Limassol, Cyprus

Free Immersion -82 m medalgold World Champion

2015, 2nd Open FreedivN Zottegem (2015-03-22), Zottegem, Belgium

Overall medalsilver Static 5:38 min medalgold Dynamic 124 m medalsilver

2015, Dutch Minicomp DNF (2015-03-11), Badhoevedorp, Netherlands

Dynamic No Fins 130 m medalgold NR

2015, Dutch Minicomp STA (2015-06-13), Dordrecht, Netherlands

Static 4:59 min medalsilver 

2014, RIGA FREEDIVING CUP 2014 AIDA (2014-02-08), Riga, Latvia  

Overall medalsilver Static 5:45 min medalgold 

2013, AIDA INDIVIDUAL DEPTH WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2013 (2013-09-15), Kalamata, Greece

No Fins – 60 m medalsilver, Vice-World ChampionNR Constant weight -80 m NR

2013, Kalamata Open (2013-09-09), Kalamata, Greece

Free Immersion (-90 m) WR

2013, Little Blue Hole Competition (2013-08-24), Dahab, Egypt

Free Immersion -80 m NR and -85 m NR Dynamic No Fins 125 m NR

2013, First Universal Freedivers – ASAM cross-border competition (2013-06-09), Mouscron, Belgium

Overall medalgold Dynamic 178 m medalgold NR Static 5:57 min medalgold 

2012, FREEDIVE DAHAB June minicomp(2012-06-24)

Static 6:31 min NR

2012, FDD LAST CHANCE WC QUALIFYING COMP (sta+dyn+cwt)(2012-05-30) Dahab,Egypt

Free Immersion -67 m NR